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My 5 year old son goes to Occupational Therapy to work on his fine motor skills, sensory sensitivities and crossing the mid line tasks. Since we started seeing Mark for ABM sessions this summer his Occupational Therapist has seen a drastic improvement in his hand writing. He is able to write longer and making diagonal and curved lines is easier for him. One day at home he completely dressed himself and more and more he has been going to the bathroom on his own (number 2). Normally this is something he avoids at all costs but I think he is feeling more comfortable in his body. Mark is very patient and calm and my son enjoys talking to him. We are happy he has had the chance to have these sessions as he transitioned to kindergarten this year. - Melissa

... We started ABM lessons for our daughter last summer and were happy to get the chance to get her more ABM lessons. Olga approached Jewel with such gentleness, integrity, and sweetness which made Jewel trust her right away. She allowed Olga to work on her, and her body slowly transformed, getting softer and opening up, as if moving forward. Going from tightness to openness, from congestion to open airways. - Ivana.

... I had such good results that I brought my 85-year-old mother after she had two back surgeries. She, like me, now thinks of back pain as an unusual occurrence! - Margaret L.

... Within a few months I was able to again lift my own luggage (had not been able to do so for several years w/o having pain later). I continue to see Olga today and am a believer in what ABM can do for people who suffer from debilitating lower back pain. - Tina S.

... I felt slight improvement after a couple of sessions, and a significant improvement after a few weeks. I felt not just a reduction in pain but also a tangible difference in the way my arms, hips and legs all felt in my walking and my daily movements. – Peter Bartok

... My son's physical capabilities have accelerated steadily since working with Mark. His mood and energy levels are always high after each session. This has led him to develop much more confidence, first in crawling and then by developing the strength to walk. His muscular strength is more stable and his alertness to movement is increasing. We love Mark's and Olga's passion and dedication to their work! It makes a great deal of difference for our family. - Daniel

...the pains have really disappeared. I was able to run my first half marathon. I started playing volleyball again. I no longer stretch, or even feel the need to stretch. I’m now 8 months pregnant and attribute my lack of the typical aches and pains that most pregnant women complain of to the fact that I still have weekly lessons with Olga. - Kristen A.

... I highly recommend working with Mark and Olga to overcome physical limitations and injuries and gain new body awareness. – Noelle Wood

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Organize your movement

Exercise your brain's ability to organize movement and thinking without pain, limitations, or unnecessary efforts.

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Supporting Research

This system has its roots in the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (aka Feldenkrais Method), with whom Anat Baniel studied for many years before expanding the method into what is now known as NeuroMovement®. Anat Baniel’s work with thousands of children and adults gave her many experiences from which she concluded how the brain works. Anat was using principles of brain plasticity many years before brain science caught up and began validating her work. Anat is working closely with other leading renown experts in Movement Science, Neurology and Brain plasticity, including:

  • Dr. Michael Merzenich (Alzheimer's, BrainHQ/Posit Science, "Father of Brain Plasticity Science")
  • Dr. Martha Herbert, MD, PhD (Pediatric Neurology)
  • Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor (Stroke recovery)
  • Norman Doidge, MD (Psychiatry)

In 2018, the first documentary film describing NeuroMovement, 'Life Unbound' started its showings across the globe

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Anat Baniel is an author of books 'Move Into Life' and 'Kids Beyond Limits.' To learn more about NeuroMovement directly from the founder, please read about how the Anat Baniel Method evolved from the Feldenkrais Method

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